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Aurora Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Repair My Garage Door | Spring Replacement and RepairEvery part of your garage door component is an important tool for it to work properly.  When one part is broken and in need of repair, trying to fix it is usually not recommended unless you are a professional.  Garage door torsion spring replacement is dangerous and you risk a great deal of damage to your vehicle as well as personal injury.  Take a look online at the many failed attempts of do-it-yourself jobs.  You will see the accidents that are the result of amateur repairs.  Some of these injuries are serious and have caused fatalities.  It’s just not wise to make these attempts on your own when there is professional help available. Call us to replace or adjust your garage door torsion springs.

Why Your Garage Door Needs  Torsion Springs

There are several types of springs that garage doors use and they are placed at different positions for different functions.  No matter what type of automatic garage door you own, springs are what allow the door to open and stay that way. This allows the door to stay open in order for your vehicle to pass through without the door slamming down on it. The springs provide the tension needed for doors to open.  They also provide tension for them to lower with ease without crushing your property. But like every garage door component, they have a life span and you should know when yours are due for a repair or a replacement before accidents occur. Most doors have two torsion springs, if one breaks we recommend that both be changed out.  They are both just as old as the other, it is cheaper to replace both at the same time, and that way you are not inconvenienced again with the other spring breaking!  When we replace your garage door torsion springs, we replace both springs, adjust them properly, lube and tune your door so it operates quietly and smoothly and give lifetime warranty on parts.  Our labor rates are extremely fair.

Replacement Signs - Is It Time For New Garage Door Springs?

Like many products, there are signs you can look for to determine if your garage door torsion springs need replacement. When you open your door manually, it should stay open without sliding back down.  Opening and closing your garage door should be a quiet process, you shouldn’t hear any squeaking or squealing.  Also, pay close attention to issues like your door stopping midway before it opens.  That is usually a sign that the security mechanism has been activated because a spring may be weak and in need of repair or replacement. You should also notice if your garage door is opening or closing differently than normal, particularly if it’s slow to open or close.

Safety Considerations For Garage Door Spring Replacement

Roll up garage door torsion springs have a lot of tension and when one is broken, there are safety mechanisms that should stop it from continuing to work.  Repairs and replacements of your garage door springs is a task that requires specialized experience and we encourage you not to take on this as a do-it-yourself activity as you are likely risking personal injury.  Our garage door technicians have years of experience to provide you with high quality repairs and replacements and they can carefully evaluate your garage door to ensure that the work has been completed accurately.

Why Hire Us To Replace Your Garage Door Springs

As a team of professional garage repair specialists, we have worked on a variety of spring loaded doors and we understand the requirements to keep you and people entering your property safe from garage door accidents. Your garage door is an investment and your want to make sure that it’s properly maintained by experts to ensure that it runs smoothly anything less is a safety hazard.


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