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Roll Up Garage Door Cable Repair and Cable Replacement

Garage door cable repairYour garage door is made up of many parts. It is not always easy to know what’s not in proper working condition when it stops working.  It can be frustrating to try all the tips and advice for do-it-yourself repairs.  Most of the time you will find that none of those solutions work.  Then you’re left trolling online for an available service provider that you can trust to solve the problem.  Some of these service providers will price gouge you for something that could very well be simple to correct. Repair My Garage Door in Aurora, Co is a fair and affordable provider you can trust.  We will assist you when your garage door cable needs to be repaired or replaced. We will help if your garage door is off track, if you need a torsion spring replacement, the garage door is stuck, or if you need a garage door installation service.

Professional Garage Door Cable Adjustment

Every remote controlled roll up garage door works on a cable system that opens and shuts your door.  It works when you tell it and stops it when there is a person or an object that is senses nearby. There are many do-it-yourself tips, videos and articles for how to repair and replace these tension cables.  If you do not have some degree of experience in repair, it’s worth calling a professional to make the adjustments.  It will be handled accurately the first time and you’ll also have the benefit of a professional.  Our garage door repair technicians can troubleshoot with expertise should anything else be wrong with the garage door. We usually have all of the garage door replacement parts right on our truck.  We provide a free inspection and free estimate for everything that may be occurring with your roll up garage door.  We will discuss and show you everything about the garage door prior to doing any work and answer any questions for you.  Our parts and labor rates are extremely fair, our technicians are very friendly.  We understand the frustration that comes with dealing with a broken roll up garage door and want to get your garage door repaired as quick as possible.

Cable Replacement For Your Garage Door

There’s no double about it, hiring Repair My Garage Door of Aurora, Co, saves time and money.  Tension cables are a major component for how your door operates and sometimes repairing them isn’t always possible. We can save you time and money by replacing them for you so that it’s done properly the first time. When many do-it-yourself tasks go wrong, it often damages the garage door.  This often times costs more money in other repairs.  Garage door cable when not placed correctly can prevent the door from completely closing.  It can result in the garage door coming down too fast and slamming to the ground too.  These are not two incidents you want to happen. If you garage door is off track, call us immediately.

Garage Doors Offer Safety and Security

Automatic garage doors offer a great deal of convenience and security, they can be dangerous when they do not operate correctly. Just Google garage door accidents you will be amazed at the personal injury and property damage that can happen.  When cables or other parts of garage doors are poorly functioning, even fatalities can occur if garage doors are not evaluated fully before using them after a repair. This is what makes professional care so critical.  What looked like an easy fix could easily go wrong and harm people and open you to liability issues for anyone using your garage as an entry or exit point. We are professionals, we perform the garage door repair service, every service concludes with a free lube and tune and the door is operated to ensure everything is safe and working well before we leave.

Why Hire Us To Repair Your Garage Door Cables

What looked like an easy fix could easily go wrong and harm people and open you to liability issues for anyone using your garage as an entry or exit point. Our garage repair experts fully inspect every garage door after repair to ensure that your safety and security is not at risk from poorly functioning doors. We take our workmanship seriously and we a leading trusted service in the area.


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